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Sports Calendar

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Sports Calendar provides a quick and easy way to discover the schedule of your favorite sports team. It also allows you to add the schedule onto your Google Calendar. * 2016 NFL schedules are available!* 2016 MLB schedules are available* 2016 MLS schedules are available* 2015-16 NBA schedules are available!* 2015-16 NHL schedules are available!* 2015-16 NCAA Basketball schedules are available!* 2016 NASCAR, Nationwide, AMA Supercross, IndyCar schedules are available.* 2015-16 EPL (English Premier League), La Liga, German Bundesliga, Serie A, Scottish Premiership, Portuguese Liga and English League Championship fixtures are available!* 2015 NCAA Football schedules, including FCS teams are available!
We currently have over 35 leagues. The current full list can be seen at
Please do not post errors or problems in a review without first contacting support. We have no way of contacting you through Google Play to help fix the problem. Email us at and we will be glad to help.
Permissions required:INTERNET – Needed to download schedules and events from our servers.
GET_ACCOUNTS and MANAGE_ACCOUNTS – These permissions are needed to retrieve your Google Account from your phone. Your account will be used to put events on your Google Calendar. You will be asked for permission to use your account again in the application the first time you add events.
USE_CREDENTIALS – This is needed to allow the application to use your Google Account to put events on your Google Calendar. You will be asked again in the application for permission. Your credentials are provided by your phone with your permission, we will not know your password.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – This permission is needed to setup automatic events updates on your calendar. When your phone reboots, the application will get notified and can setup a system alarm for the application to update events automatically. Automatic event updates can be disabled in Sports Calendar's settings.
CHECK_LICENSE – Sports Calendar using the Google Android Licensing Services to help prevent unauthorized use of the application. This permission is required to use the Licensing services.
If you have any concerns or would like more information please email and will be glad to help.